Eye-D Heroes


For us at Eye-D, our users are our family. It is their constant love, support and validation that keeps us motivated, motivated to bring out better and sophisticated solutions with each passing day.

Jacob KrugerJacob Kruger is from South Africa and lost complete vision in an accident in Nov'2005. He is a programmer, software tester and listens to alternative music.

“I wanted to use the green bell pepper along with the food I was cooking. I took a snapshot of using eye-d's 'see objects in image' function, it told me green vegetable, bell pepper, and, it told me this literally roundabout 1 second”

Ana GAna G is a lecturer and court interpreter living in the U.S. She teaches English composition to native speakers at her local University, and work as a freelance court interpreter.

“I woke up with a toothache one night. When I checked the medicine cabinet, I couldn't find the bottles with my braille labels, so I used Eye-D object Identifier to read print labels. When I found a bottle with an active ingredient of aspirin, I went back to sleep. Without waking anyone else up! Great app”

Satguru RathiSatguru Rathi is from New Delhi, 100% blind and works as junior assistant at National Institute of open Schooling where he makes sure the website and school material is accessible for students.

“I was waiting for a friend at a metro station and since we both were blind, he took assistance from the metro staff and asked me my location. I was standing near a car and suddenly this came to my mind. I captured the number of that car using Eye-D and told him the car number, it was very quick for the metro staff to locate that car and we both went happily”

Granny OllieGranny Ollie is an ex-IBMer from Milan, who has mastered 7 different languages. She uses her language skills to train kids who can't afford language training.

“Granpa and I were practically lost in a part of town we'd never been to, and it was hard to see street addresses in the dark. I got my phone out, tapped on Eye-D, then on where am I? And in no time at all I got the exact location”

Balasaheb Londhe Fully blind from the age of 4, 45 years old Balasaheb now works as the principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya CRPF in Mudkhed. He holds a master's degree in English.

“Impressed by the accuracy of the Read Text Mode of Eye-D, I clicked picture of a notebook and was surprised when it started reading the handwritten text. Now I can check the notes of my students without sighted assistance. ”

Mahesh RananiDesignated as the librarian, Mahesh also looks after accounts, operations and general delegations at NFB Bangalore. Mahesh has also established a cultural association for Blind.

“It was a typical Bangalore evening and I was stuck in traffic, the auto driver decided to take alternate route which was unfamiliar. I used Where Am I option in Eye-D to know my location and landmarks from time to time. Ever since I have been suggesting and training visually impaired to use Eye-D ”

CesarTrained in Mathematics and Computer Science, Cesar works as a computer teacher in Argentina. He also volunteers at nearby rehabilitation centre for Blind to teach computers.

“The ability to know what is in a photo that I was sent as well as being able to read a text that is in an image is another barrier that I am overcoming with with the help of the Eye-D. I use Eye-D to read and select images and then use it in my lecture, which makes my teaching interesting for the sighted students”

Sudeshna BhattacharyaEmployed at RBI Kolkata Sudeshna holds Post Graduate degree both in Economic and Ravindra Sangeet. She is also a certified Oracle developer and used to work at Wipro prior to RBI.

“A couple of months after losing my vision completely it was the first time I went out alone. I had to go a particular hospital and my chauffeur was clueless about the place. I then used the Eye-D app to find and guide my chauffeur to drive to that hospital. It made me feel independent. ”

Sunil SangtaniFounder of flicktoshop.com, Sunil hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He started his career with family business soon after completing 12 and is now a proud owner of an online shopping site.

“Eye-D app helps me to identify the product from Photographs, its colors and also read the text for my online store. And that too independently. ”

Alberto Grande27 years old Alberto from El Salvador is a musician and a writer as well. Alberto plays piano, drums, guitar and bass to make his own tune.

“I was surprised the first time I used Eye-D, it could read the text in an image and also described the objects in it. It is a complete tool in terms of accessibility for blind people”

Wastawik ManawWastawik wants to be a journalist to unveil the harsh realities of the society. To make people technology literate, this high school graduate from Nepal has also started a YouTube channel.

“Eye-D helps me daily to read newspaper and be location aware while travelling. I used to be alone on my way and now I'm with Eye-D, which is being my eye”

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma from Punjab holds a degree in English Literature, vocal and instruments. She is a disability activist, motivational speaker and works as a content writer.

“Eye-D is the perfect one stop solution for multiple needs. And with Eye-D now no more juggling between various apps. The Read Text and See Object features are awesome.”

Sandeep MishraAsst. Commandant Sandeep Mishra is our superhero from Border security forces who fights for our nation and safety. He lost his eyes in an ambush by Ulfa militants in Assam in 2000.

“Eye-D is a multi purpose app and helps me to be independent in a number of ways. Among all, I like Read Text feature the most as it helps me read the newspaper independently and be informed about my country. On my own. ”

Tapas BhardwajFrom securing 1st rank in CET Law Exam to winning DPS National award for 2 consecutive years, 22 year old Tapas is a symbol of academic excellence.

“Eye-D app helps me reach securely from one place to another by giving me constant updates on my location using Where Am I option for which I was previously dependent on others. Earlier in a new environment I had to enquire from people, Is there a good place to eat nearby? Is there an ATM nearby? The app answers these questions now.”

Revan27 year old Revan from Azerbaijan, a technophile at heart, enjoys everything from repairing desktop computers to playing musical instruments.

“Once Eye-D became available for use, now everything is freedom because I no longer need any sighted assistance. One feature I am using everyday is reading the text from document and images. It's a pretty cool feature for me to use, because it can detect whether product date has expired or not while purchasing so the shopkeepers cannot cheat me or trick!”

Rakesh KumarRakesh Kumar is a full time teacher working with special needs children in Chandigarh. Rakesh is trying to use technology in all aspects of his life from work in school to his daily needs at home

“Eye-D is very useful for me especially, the AOCR feature which helps me read in Hindi independently when nobody is available. Color reader is also helpful to help me get dressed when I leave for School. ”

Nagesh Shreshti48 year old Nagesh Shreshti is blind since birth due to retinitis pigmentosa. He is a social butterfly and loves interacting with his friends on his free time.

“Personally I love meaningful quotes and use Eye-D to read it and then forward to my friends. In terms of business, I use it to read confidential documents without depending on anyone. I have been using Eye-D pro since it's launch and it has never disappointed me. ”

SaimohanGradually losing sight, Saimohan struggled to cope with change at first but thanks to assistive technology solutions he found success both in personal and professional life

“When I started my career in Vestige, as a direct marketer, Eye-D helped me move around the city easily to meet my clients using Travel mode and also to explain the product description using Read Text in Images”

Bheru Singh DevraBheru Singh Devra from Udaipur, Rajasthan is known for his go-getter attitude. BA graduate from MLSU University, he is currently preparing for competitive exams.

“PDF reader Plus has been very helpful for me in preparing for competitive exams. I use Where Am I and Around Me features to find my location while travelling to write my exams. While travelling from Jaipur to Udaipur in the bus, I approached many people to know my current location without any use, then I used Travel Mode to find my location and reach the destination. ”

Dr. RajaDr. Raja from Andhra Pradesh recently completed his PhD in Telugu from the Central University, Hyderabad. He is firm believer that knowledge knows no bounds not even vision impairment.

“I have converted a lot of Telugu books digitally using Eye-D Pro. Without Eye-D it would have taken me at least a week to convert books to audio using by sighted friends help. Now I can convert 750 pages in a day on my own using Eye-D which is very helpful for my studies. I encourage all my fellow friends to take full advantage of tools like Eye-D to read and read well.”

Narean Navarasan27 year old Narean Navarasan teaches English at Thiruporur Government Higher Secondary School in Tamil Nadu. You can find him travelling, reading books or making friends in his free time.

“I have been using the Eye-d app since last 3 years. I still remember the day when I was able to read the question paper that was set for the Students using the Eye-D app on my phone independently. I also use the app to read menu cards at restaurants when going out with friends. ”

Shivdutt Vishwakarma Shivdutt Vishwakarma hails from a small place called Deoriya in Uttar Pradesh. He now teaches Hindi for Students in classes 8 to 12 at a School located in New Delhi.

“I am an avid user of the Eye-D app for the last one year. Recently, when I was out buying my monthly medicines, the pharmacist gave me medicines that I requested for. I used the Eye-D app to check if the medicines are right and the expiry date. That is when I realised that the medicines I was given was expiring soon. I confronted the pharmacist and he changed my medicines with the later expiry date ones”

Subratha ASubratha A has been a School teacher at a Government School in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu since 1997, where she teaches Social Studies and English to middle School Children.

“I usually use the Eye-D app to study books in Tamil and English and consume information which I then use to teach the Students. I also use the Eye-D app when I am travelling in the bus or train to know the current stop or the next stop for ease of navigation. ”