Technology as a caring friend for Blind and Visually Impaired


Eye-D builds innovative solutions for the blind and Visually Impaired (VI). These solutions act as a true companion, helping them achieve independence in 3 major areas – Learning, Identification and Navigation. 

“Using Eye-D, I can go for grocery shopping independently. I also use the app when I am travelling to know my current location. Eye-D has helped me become independent in my day to day activities.”

Anandi ViswanathanEye-D user

Using technology, we strive to remove terms like impairment, challenged and marginalized from human vocabulary, one section at a time.


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Either due to lack of awareness, knowledge or due to financial constraints a lot of visually impaired do not get access to technology that can help them be self-reliant and thereby walk the path of upliftment. 

Did you know? As per the estimates of World Health Organization 90 percent of the approximately 285 million affected by visual impairment live in the poorest countries of the world. Their socio-economic condition is often in doldrums.



Eye-D understands that and has partnered with leading non profits across India, Nepal and Bangladesh to impact and uplift the visually impaired community at large. Through these organisations we benefit individuals (children & adults) who live below the poverty line.  

Our Products – True companion for the Blind

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