Vision Impairment

should pose no challenge

for easy access to information or opportunities.

Using technology, we strive to remove terms like impairment, challenged and marginalized from human vocabulary, one section at a time.

We are a small team based out of Bangalore. But changes can’t be driven by a person, a small team or even a bigger team. A change is driven by society at large. We build technology with assistance from different groups, our users, non-profits and commercial entities.

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We find simplest, affordable yet most powerful ways to solve them.


People with vision impairment should pay fair price to access items they want.


We have been working as an extended family of our users and we understand needs of our family.


we feel opportunities should be equal to everyone.

Cutting Edge Technology

Access to cutting edge technology belongs to everyone, irrespective of anything.

Up the ladder

Small step everyday, one section at a time

Helping people reclaim their accessibility.


Active Users Globally



Eye-D works very closely with our users community, it runs on donations made directly by people who use our products, these donation come in the form of product purchase. Currently, Eye-D pro sales give us sustenance. We have also won a few grants from various supportive companies and government bodies.

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How Our Products Help Visually Impaired

Eye-D Free
Eye-D helps visually impaired be location aware, explore and navigate to nearby places of interest, evaluate surroundings with their smartphone camera and read printed text. Eye-D will serve as the true companion for most of your daily assistance needs.
Eye-D Pro
Read Text Offline, Access to exclusive Eye-D Market, Advanced OCR Reading multiple languages, share, save the recognised text and many more, First of its kind “Accessible Camera”, Travel Mode with sticky notification in notification drawer

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