Keypad Team

Awesome team that worked hard to bring keypad to reality

Sabir Ahmed

Mechanical Design Partner -

Founder of Engenesis Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore and a mechanical engineering consultant with around 25 years experience.

About Engenesis

ENGENESIS specializes in new product development starting from design & engineering to tooling and manufacture. Innovation, product integrity and customer service are key components of our corporate culture. Our vision is to become internationally recognized as a world-class consulting partner of winning products.


Hardware Design Partner - Atoll Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Jithu is a result oriented entrepreneur with over 22 years of embedded products expertise. Building passionate teams and business ecosystems are his main strength. Before starting entrepreneurial journey, Jithu had spent of over 15 years in Texas Instruments in progressive roles.

About Atoll

Atoll Solutions is an Industrial IOT company focused on Edge gateways and wireless sensor nodes. We focus on providing hardware products and customization services with wireless networks like BLE, WiFi and LTE.

Siddhant Chothe

Concept Partner - cofounder at Techvision

Siddhant is a self-motivated individual having vision impairment. After completing his Masters in Computer Management & working in IT industry for about a year, he thought to start his own venture to be able to give opportunities to his fellow colleagues.

About Techvision

Techvision is a company providing accessibility consulting and training services for Web as well as mobile applications. We provide compliance for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Accessible Rich Internet Applications standards, Section 508, ADA compliance.


Industrial Design Partner - Devraj is the founding partner at Meshined Design Consultancy, Bangalore. He is an Industrial Designer with a background in Mechanical Engineering and a strong inclination towards designing products with social relevance.

About Meshined

A new age industrial design consultancy that believes design is contextual creativity which balances available resources to create great products and user experiences. Meshined has designed products ranging from backpacks, cricket pads to X Ray machines, Heart monitors, Smart watches and automotive seats.

Awesome Features

Power packed with features to improve your smartphone experience

  • 1


    Keys embossed with patterns for accessibility

  • 2


    Both predefined and customizable hotkeys for convenience

  • 3

    Empowers Talkback

    Enables Talkback features, Navigate controls, read and edit text on the fly with simple key press. Use like PC keyboards.

  • 4

    Stress on neck, no more

    Eye-D keypad eliminates the pain of stressing neck while using smartphone, perform tasks easily with keypad

Wireless Eye-D keypad with hotkeys and attachments
  • 5


    Detachable and sliding formfactor for easy use

  • 6


    Clutter free wireless Bluetooth(LE) design

  • 7

    Ergonomic design for easy grip

    Designed for 2 finger using approach, with firm attachments never loose grip on your phone

  • 8

    Assisting counterpart

    it's not just another device, it's a part of your favourite smartphone, fit for every screen size.

User Testimonials

Amar Dandale

Amar Dandale

As the Nokia keypad based have now gone out of market, typing in itself has become a challenging task. With Eye-D’s keypad coming into picture for Android touch-screen phones, it is going to be a lot simpler and I’m looking forward to it.

Maruti Paramwad

Maruti Paramwad

Touch-screen phones are accessible. But they aren’t efficient to use. For instance I can’t type long emails. Being touch-screen in nature, I can’t use the smart phone the smart way as overall usage is sluggish. If Eye-D keypad promises to fill this gap, then nothing like that.

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